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Our Goal Is To Provide amazing Prints and designs inspired by mindfulness, meditation, and yoga practices.

Passion for yoga and meditation practices is the driving force behind this site.  From the initial concept of the business to each and every design you see on this site, we hope you can see and feel the inspiration, hope, and positivity.  

Designs on this site vary greatly, so feel free to dig deep in the store. Some designs might not speak to you, but our hope is that you find something that resonates with you.  It’s a great feeling to share your passion for yoga and meditation.

Thanks for checking us out.  Products and designs are updated often.  As we are all evolving, so is this store!  Check us out for all the product types listed below.

It is a great pleasure to be able to share yoga and mindfulness themes throughout the products on this site!  If you have ideas for shirts, or you’d like a specific design on a specific product, feel free to contact us on social media (twitter is easiest).